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How to Maintain Your IPhone
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Ensuring the safety of your phone is a challenge for every iphone user. Keeping your gadget on its prime condition will help you sell it easily when you want some upgrade. Not only will you maintain the functionality of your gadget but it will also have a longer life which means that you will definitely get the best out of it.

Getting cases for iphone 6 is one of the best ways to give your smart phone the protection it needs from drops and scratches. It is essential for the user to find a design that he likes best because if he doesn’t like the way it looks, tendency is he won’t use it. Since there are a lot of varieties when it comes to cases for iphone 6 plus, you should know what you want. You will be able to find a lot of designs to choose from and make sure you base it on your lifestyle. For example, if you are a sporty person, you should get a case that will protect your phone from your active lifestyle. If you think you are a careful person and won’t let your phone out of your hands, then you can get some skins for it. You should keep in mind that skins will only protect your phone from scratches and not from accidental drops.

Once you accidentally drop your phone, the very first thing that you will check is your screen because this is the most vulnerable part. In order to decrease the chances of having your iphone screen broken because of accidental drops, you must get a screen protector. There is also another way of ensuring the safety of your iphone screen and that is by getting an iphone 6 cases that has a raised bezel so that your screen won’t directly hit the floor when it falls face down.

Studies show that our cellular gadgets acquires more bacteria than a toilet sit which is why we have to constantly clean it every month or so. Keep in mind that when you do the cleaning, turn off your smart phone first. In using a spray cleaner, never spray it directly to your phone, spray it on the microfiber. In cleaning the ports, you can get an air can for electronic devices. Once you’re done cleaning your phone, you can put the screen protector back on or get a brand new screen protector.







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